Why We Test

The FairBet Rating System was developed to make measuring the overall quality of casinos more "scientific" and steady, and less "opinion based" and money motivated.

Getting an unbiased and accurate rating regarding online casinos before now, has been quite difficult considering the following:

1. Many Casino directories are owned by software companies that develop and distribute casino software. Clearly, they are apt to list their "licensees" with little vested interest in listing their competition.

2. Independently owned directories will often list the highest bidder in the "top" or "best casino" position without any regard to the quality of the site. More often than not, the criteria that determines a casinos placement and overall exposure on the Internet boils down to nothing more than their advertising budget.

Although Fairbet.org's model for generating revenue is similar to other casino directory sites, in that we are paid for traffic and players that we refer; ours is very different in the following ways:

1. No casino can be given any type of "rating" without first being individually tested. There are no exceptions.

2. All sites are subject to the exact same 19 point checklist of imperative areas of service. Each area is weighted for importance, and it is impossible for a site to score well unless they meet the requirements needed to do so.

To give you an idea of how it works, we have listed 3 of the 19 areas that we grade. (The three listed are: Phone Support, Email Response time, and Standard Payment speed.)

Phone support Available:
24HR. Toll Free-------------------> (Perfect score)
24HR. Not Toll Free---------------> (Second highest score)
Toll Free (during hours)----------> (Third highest score)
Not Toll Free (during hours)------> (Lowest score)
No Phone support------------------> (Zero)

Email Response Time:
Under 30 minutes------------------> (Perfect Score)
Under 1 hour----------------------> (Second highest score)
Under 2 hours---------------------> (Third highest score)
Under 6 hours---------------------> (Forth highest score)
Under 12 hours--------------------> (Fifth highest score)
Under 24 hours--------------------> (Lowest score)
Over 24 hours---------------------> (Zero)

Standard Payment Speed:
Under 5 days----------------------> (Perfect Score)
Under 10 days---------------------> (Second highest score)
Under 14 days---------------------> (Third highest score)
Under 18 days---------------------> (Forth highest score)
Under 21 days---------------------> (Lowest score)
More than 21 days-----------------> (Zero)

As you can see by the categories above, there is no room for "interpretation" regarding the scoring. The parameters are black and white, and scores are assigned accordingly.

When our preliminary testing is done, we then take into consideration any areas that may warrant extra credit. Things like: "Double your deposit" sign on bonuses, extraordinary customer support, or a beautifully implemented "theme" are likely to score some extra points. Likewise, deductions are assessed for things like: Rude support staff, conflicting information at the website, difficult navigation, etc. Finally, when all the appropriate information has been gathered, the casinos rating is assigned. No Pun intended: We'd be willing to BET that you will not find a more thorough and consistent system than ours...but that is what we wanted from the start! :)

Because we could not rate every new casino the day it came out, we needed to figure out a way to let casinos add themselves to our search engine, while maintaining the trust and consistency of our search engine results. This was accomplished by simply adding an "NR" to all sites that have not yet been individually rated. 'NR" stands for "Not Rated" and it insures that no sites are misinterpreted as "recommended" simply because they appear in our Search results. Always look for the rating, and if they appear as “NR”, realize that we have not yet tested them!

With all of these measures in place, we hope to create a more consistently enjoyable experience for the online gambler. ...So far, so good. :-)

Best regards and Happy Gaming!