Fairbet Mission Statement

BEFORE PLAYING at an online casino, it just makes sense to see how that casino has treated others. With Fairbet, you can enter a Casinos Name or URL into our search engine and instantly find out how they treated US when they were tested. Chances are, if they messed us around, they will treat you no better!

Fairbet has spent a great deal of time, money, and effort developing its database of casino information. We truly feel, by way of usefulness to our visitors, the information we offer is second to none. Simply click on the “All Rated Casinos” link for a quick peek at the amount of information we provide. For more information on how we arrive at our Ratings, check out the “Why we Test” link.
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Q. How long has Fairbet been gathering information on online casinos?

A. The founders of Fairbet began compiling data regarding online casinos in February of 1998. We started by offering suggestions at our first site (lotterypage.com) and we have been actively rating and recommending casinos ever since.

Q. How exactly does Fairbet gather the information needed for its database?

A. Each of the RATED casinos in our database has been thoroughly tested, up to and including:

1. Download, installation, New account activation, buy in of at least $100.
2. Testing of game quality, play, bet limits, cash out requirements, etc.
3. Testing of all support options available, including Email, Phone, and Chat.
4. Testing of site navigation, functionality, information provided, etc.
5. Testing of Ecash processing accuracy, punctuality of credits being applied, etc.
6. Rating of bonuses, (cash out requirements for the bonus) player rewards, etc.
7. Rating of payment options including standard delivery speed, express payment options, fees for express payment, minimum withdrawal requests, etc.
8. Server connectivity, fluidity of game play, overall quality.
9. Additional areas (Confidential)

At Fairbet, we put OUR MONEY where our mouth is! We have personally played at every single "recommended" casino at this site. We have personally played at the "less than recommended" sites in our database. It's real easy to put up a web page and shout, "This casino is great" or "This casino is no good" but how can you say that if you don't actually know? How can you know, if you haven't actually had any experience with the site?

Rest assured, we didn't spend years building our database because we thought it would be fun and easy to maintain...we did it because that was the only way we could BE what we set out to be: The Best place to find honest information pertaining to online casinos.

In his own words, the founder of Fairbet relives what prompted him to start (what eventually become) Fairbet:

"My wife and I had been playing at a site fairly regularly, and had won more than $12,000. The problem was, the casino kept charging our credit card, but never credited back any of our wins and kept lying about payments that had supposedly been sent. At one point, they had overcharged our card more than $20,000 (causing a freeze to be put on our account.) It took us many months and countless hours to straighten the mess up that they created."

Fearful that he would encounter more of the same, Joe looked for some kind of directory that rated casinos. What he found (and still finds to this day) is that the casinos often owned the directories themselves, or their "Top" position status at the directory was simply bought.

"It is not uncommon for us to see a site that we KNOW is terrible, listed as the best. Our goal with FairBet is to insure the poorly run sites are not rewarded with business just because they have deep pockets for advertising. In addition, we want to insure the truly reputable online casinos that offer a great experience are easily found."

"By putting our years of experience, reviews and ratings into an easily searchable database, our hope is that ALL directories and casinos begin to think a little more about putting forth their best, honest effort.

WE ENCOURAGE EVERYONE to use Fairbet as a reference for picking the casinos they want to work with. This includes other portals.

Our Mission
Our Goal: To BE the most Reliable and trusted source for online casino information...Period!

Before opening an account with ANY casino, check our database to see how they treated us. You might find they're unreliable (or downright dishonest.) This service is free and will save you the time, money and aggravation that it cost us to gather!

Together, with our best effort and your honest feedback, we will continue to raise the standards of both online casinos and online casino directories.

***NOTE: All data is provided for information purposes only, and Fairbet makes no guarantees expressed or implied as to the accuracy of the information.

All content provided by Fairbet is copy written and any use, without express written consent of Fairbet, is a violation of applicable copyright and or trademark laws.

Fairbet recommends that you check with current laws in your area before playing at an online casino.